About Us


Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) states that over 70% of the world’s wild fish stock is fully exploited. With numbers like that, it’s not hard to see why aquaculture is on the rise. Great Falls Aquaculture is one of the largest and longest running commercial recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) in the United States. The focus is to provide a cleaner premium fish in a more environmentally friendly manner using our proprietary state-of-the art technology. Our systems are designed to mimic the natural environment in a manner that is less stressful to the fish while promoting excellent growth. We consistently provide a high quality product year round that has flavor and texture profiles you come to expect from a premium white fish.

About Our Facility…

  • Highest quality feed, formulated for species and specific life stages

  • Located close to large markets and national distribution centers

  • Proven highly effective recirculating aquaculture systems

  • Ability to maintain optimal growing conditions

  • Low environmental impact

  • Raised and marketed in the United States

  • Year round, continuous production of high quality fish